Plantronics Gaming Product Information

Gaming specific, in-depth information about Plantronics Gaming products!


PC & Consoles / All Levels / USB & 3.5mm Jack 

The Plantronics® RIG is the only gaming headset that lets you dial in your life without pausing your game. With swappable mics, RIG also rolls with you – change out the boom mic for the stealth inline and take your music or gaming on-the-go. Compatible with PC/Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, smartphones, and tablets.

GAMECOM Commander

PC Gaming / Professional / USB & 3.5mm Jack 

The Plantronics® GameCom® Commander is the elite tournament-ready gaming headset. With its closed-ear design and unmatched noise isolation, audio, and voice technology, the GameCom Commander shuts out distractions while immersing you in 7.1 Dolby® stereo surround sound.


PC Gaming / Professional / USB Only

The Plantronics® GameCom® 780 USB headset transforms standard audio into a stunning 7.1 surround sound experience. The GameCom 780 lets you bring your best game with a noise-canceling mic, ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband, and earpods with on-ear sound controls and spin joints that let it lay flat.


PC Gaming / High Level / 3.5mm Jack

The Plantronics® GameCom® 380 headset delivers immersive, stereo sound with deep bass from 40mm swivel speakers. Easy on-ear controls and noise-canceling mic make this headset your weapon of choice. Superhero-strength cords and joints combined with ultra-comfortable ear cushions and headband let you play for as long as it takes.


PC Gaming / Entry Level / 3.5mm Jack

What’s in your gaming arsenal? The Plantronics GameCom 307 Gaming Headset should be. This essential gaming headset has 40mm speakers that deliver studio-quality audio with maximum bass response, so games never sounded better. Outstanding voice quality, precise microphone placement, and noise cancellation ensure that your teammates or enemies hear you clearly.


XBOX360 Gaming / Professional / Wireless

Get the most out of your Xbox 360® with the wireless Plantronics GameCom® X95™. Play games, listen to music and watch movies without disturbing others. Concealed mic-boom hides into the headband and out of your way. The headset adapter easily connects to your console for the ultimate wireless experience.


XBOX360 Gaming / High Level / Wired

Play games, listen to music and watch movies with the Plantronics® GameCom® X40™, a comfortable stereo headset for the Xbox 360®. The concealed mic-boom hides into the headband and out of your way. Specially designed earpods redistribute the pressure for long wearing comfort.


PS3 Gaming / High Level / Bluetooth

Take your Playstation® 3 gaming experience to the next wireless level with the Plantronics® GameCom® P90™ Bluetooth headset. QuickPair™ technology easily pairs the headset to your both your PS3™ system and your Bluetooth phone. Game chat and mobile calling features like mic mute and volume adjust for talking to your teammates, opponents or friends, wirelessly.


XBOX360 Gaming / Entry Level / Wired

Shift Xbox into overdrive with the ultimate-quality GameCom X30 headset for Xbox 360. Delivering ultimate-quality audio and industrial-strength hipness, its single-ear coverage lets you roast online enemies while rapping offline with your fridge-raiding buddies. The supple, ear-melding design thwarts the chaffing of all-night kill fests and an extended boom flexes to fit your trash-talking maw.


XBOX360 Gaming / Entry Level / Wired

Step up your Xbox 360® gaming experience with the great audio and comfortable style of the Plantronics GameCom® X10™. The single-hear design lets you chat, but still hear the game. The inline volume and mute are easy-to-use and reach, and the extended boom repels pesky peripheral game noise.